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Stream Blitz

Stream Blitz is a service designed to make adding sound effects to your Twitch™ streams feel like deploying serverless functions.

⚠️ This product is still in alpha. If you’d like to be added as an alpha tester, please contact

How it works

  1. Join Stream Blitz
  2. Create a serverless handler
  3. Deploy to Netlify
  4. Run your sound effect!

Creating a Stream Blitz serverless handler

  1. Install the serverless handler util

    # install the handler util
    yarn add @stream-blitz/create-handler
  2. Create a serverless function:

    const createHandler = require('@stream-blitz/create-handler');
    exports.handler = createHandler(() => ({
      name: 'boop', // command to trigger this effect in chat, e.g. `!boop`
      message: 'you triggered !boop Kappa', // sent to the chat by Stream Blitz
      description: 'Information about the command', // shown in Stream Blitz
      audio: '', // played in your overlay
      image: '', // shown in the overlay
      duration: 10, // how long (in seconds) to show the overlay

    Note: only name is required — the rest of the fields are optional and will be omitted if left out (e.g. you can send a chat message without an overlay and vice versa)

  3. Register your serverless function

    Visit your Stream Blitz dashboard to pull in your effects!


The API for @stream-blitz/create-handler tries to keep things as simple as possible:


The handler function receives


  • register chat handlers
  • register custom overlay styles
  • register custom overlay scripts
  • add support for multi-channel commands (e.g. teams opting into SFX)